Friday, February 28, 2014

A Bit More Then They Can Chew

1). Wow, two blog posts, two days in a row? I feel so accomplished. Maybe I'll finally start blogging more regularly.

2). I've been taking care of my friends horses and goats, and it just so happens, that they are the very same friend I sold Cinnamon and Sugar too! Of course, when they lived here, Sugar's name was Stella, but they changed it to go with Cinnamon and I thought it was such a cute pair of names I wished that I had thought of it. So when I go over today, I'll take some pictures!!

3). Quinoa had a miscarriage, probably caused by being headbutted in the side. I was terribly upset, because it was her first baby and it's just a sad situation all around. Then, the placenta didn't detach, and I had to call a vet to come give her antibiotics so she wouldn't get an infection. He gave her two shots, and gave me a large syringe of Penicillin, so I could give 2ccs everyday for five days. She's doing very well now, you wouldn't even guess that anything had happened.

4). As goaty due dates approach (well, they still have three more months, but that IS closer then it was like, a month ago) I get so excited about baby goats and taking pictures of baby goats and just, you know, BABY GOATS. 

5). It needs to stop being freezing cold. For the last four or five days, it's been hovering around 10F which sucks, to be perfectly honest. My goats are not happy with me for keeping them locked up all day, but they'd be less happy if I put them out in the cold. 
Come on, Spring!


edenhills said...

So sorry to hear she lost her baby. We're getting really close--17 due the week of March 15th. The weather has me very nervous.

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

gorgeous eyes. sorry to hear about the loss. that is so sad. sorry i don't know much about critters - can she begin again soon for another baby? or does that have to wait for another season?

have a nice weekend. ( :

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

So sorry about the loss of the baby goat, but happy that mom is doing well. xo

Sarah Huizenga said...

They are so precious!