Monday, February 11, 2013

My Camera(s)

I broke my Canon Powershot A2200 by dropping it on the laundry room floor super hard.
Powershot A2200 (source)

And I'm replacing it with.... this beauty!! A Canon EOS Rebel XSi. It just got here, like half an hour ago! I'm playing with it right now.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi (source)
I was using my sisters camera, a Fuji film FinePix T200, and I know hate is a strong word, so lets just say I violently dislike it with a passion.

Fuji film FinePix T200 (source)

Check back tonight(?) to some of the first pictures I take with it!

1 comment:

edenhills said...

I guess that was a wonderful accident. Congratulations on the new camera!